Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tulle Skirt & Polkadots

Tulle skirt - Space46Boutique / Polkadot top - PopBasic / Shoes - C/O Guilty Soles / Handbag - Kate Spade New York / Necklace - KCN Jewels / Rings - Nordstrom Rack, KCN Jewels / Bracelets - KCN Jewels, ShopSereneSky / 

Tulle skirts have been a MAJOR trend in the world of fashion bloggers. So, I completely caved and had to get my hands on one from the lovely and ever so amazing Space46Boutique. I have been around looking for other skirts, either the fabric was too hard and scratchy or they were just not cute at all. This skirt I must say, is just downright a god sent. It's perfect in a soft pink-blushy tone color.

Where I live, in Temecula, CA, people look at me like I'am straight up crazy when I go out and about wearing this. A town full of gym clothes, jeans, and ugg boots, someone has to change up the fashion around here right? So, I really do not mind the stares and eyebrow raises. A lot of little girls say they love my skirt, so that makes me happy!

Continue to have a fabulous week! :) 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Pop of Pink + More Stripes

Hot pink cardigan - Target / White denim jeans - Target / Striped tee - Target / Hangbag - Kate Spade New York / Necklaces - KCN Jewels and Forever 21 / Rings - KCNJewels / Shoes - the

Strangely, I  have been wearing A LOT of stripes lately. Whether it's tops/tees, blazers or dresses, but hey I like it! I also realized my top, white jeans, and cute new striped shirt (I got it on clearance WOOHOO), are all from one of my favorite stores, Target!  Pink has now started to really grow on me, I used to always hate it. Funny how your style can always evolve in someway or another. Do you have any favorite colors? 

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