Wednesday, December 31, 2014

California Snow Day!

HOLY CRAP it has snowed in So Cal?! What?! 
My goodness it's 2015 starting tomorrow, can you all believe it? 
I can't. I finally had some time to blog yay! I started yet another new nanny job watching these two crazy kids. Cora, 5 and Averi, 2. Aren't they SO cute (sometimes they drive me nuts...I call it prepping for parenthood). I also FINALLY got a freaking actual Nikon camera for Christmas, I'm no longer a loser in the blogging world! Just kidding, but seriously though, NO more cell phone cameras! 

My outfit is terrible in my eyes, but I have no winter clothes because well, it rarely gets this cold in SoCal. So I had to throw this together at 6 in the morning, HAAA! 

I hope everyone has an amazing New Year and accomplishes all there goals. Some of mine will be working on my blog 10x more with lots of awesome posts.